Curb Appeal, Part 1

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Our house, Summer of 2011. (Sorry, crummy picture, I wanted an overall image and this is from Google Earth since I neglected to take one.  Creepy how close that satellite image gets you)

Last summer was our five year anniversary in our house in Richmond.  And while we coasted for a while on a “move in ready” home, things are starting to need some attention.  One of those things was our front garden.  Though the mondo grass (who knew, it has its very own website and retailer) was pretty low maintenance at first, it was starting to look kind of overgrown and brown and nasty.  Plus, I tried to trim it, and apparently you should not do that to mondo grass.  It just gets all brown on the edges…FOREVER.  (Versus liriope which needs cutting once a year, they are related, but different members of the Lily family apparently).

Anyways, time for a new look.

I was not sure what to plant given the steep slope, full sun and size of the garden.  Plus lets be honest, I am a fair weather gardener and have not proven myself to very reliable when it comes to upkeep.  This is my first blog post in like, three years.  So follow through isn””t my forte. ANYWAY…My mom suggested we put in what she called an Alpine Garden.  Turns out this is a great, colorful, and pretty easy to care for option – and the subject of my next post…stay tuned.

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